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Georgian Town House

Location: Westminster

Type: Front and side extension; and internal alterations

Stage: Planning approval and listed building consent

The property is a Grade II Listed early nineteenth century Georgian single family dwelling house set within a Conservation Area in the City of Westminster. The house is a narrow, end of terrace house of four floors constructed in Flemish Bond brick with slate mansard roof and brick arch over the door and windows.

The proposal seeks to create a high quality, discreet conservatory addition at basement level, that is respectful and complimentary to the Listed building. The conservatory roof will be set below the gutter line of the existing brick addition and the new garden wall and thus will not be visible.

Featherstone High School Boilers / Heating Project

Location: Southall

Type: CIF (Condition Improvement Fund) application and on-site project co-ordination

Stage: Complete

Following on from 7 previous successful CIF bids, DSP oversaw the preparation of architectural information, together with co-ordinating the specialist consultants to apply for a CIF grant. The bid was successful and the work was carried out during the summer holidays to minimise any impact to teachers and students.

Village Cottage

Location: Telford

Type: Front and side extension; and internal alterations

Stage: Planning approval

The property is a single family semi-detached dwelling (cottage) with outbuildings. The property boundary is unusual as the rear extension belonging to other half of the semi-detached pair breaks through the notional central party wall line by approximately 1.1m and sits between the brick shed and kitchen window of the property, blocking the view from the latter. The property is located within the urban area of Telford where the principle of development is considered acceptable providing it complies with local and national policies. 

The proposal is to update the cottage to 21st century family living by removing the car port and adding a two storey front/side extension, similar to neighbouring extensions, and to build up on the rear addition to form additional bedroom and bathroom accommodation.

Whilst the proposed front/side extension will be visible from the highway, it is similar to the extension to the other half of the semidetached pair which was considered by planning officers to be acceptable.

Lightweight Glazed Extension

Location: Fulham

Type: Extension and internal alterations

Stage: Planning approval

The property is a three storey end of terrace house situated on the north west side of an 1980s ‘Square’ development. It forms part of a carefully designed, formal, and symmetrical development. The rear of the properties have gardens with a tall brick wall bounding a highway.

This proposal is for a lightweight, glazed enclosure, through which the brick rear façade will still be visible so that the formal symmetry of the development is not interrupted. The extension will be constructed using low-iron content glass, in order to be neutral and transparent, with a low profile flat roof supported on an internal steel post. 

Primary School Library Renovation

Location: Ealing

Type: Feasibility for Condition Improvement Fund (CIF) Application

Stage: Funding approved 

DSP were commissioned by the Head Teacher, following two reports condemning the glazed roof of the Library putting it out of use, to investigate its replacement with a structurally sound, more energy efficient proposal. 

The Library space is approximately 72m2 and whilst it receives more than adequate daylight, it is not naturally ventilated and both overheats during the summer months and is very cold in the winter.

DSP considered the following issues in the Feasibility Study: Daylight and ventilation; Requirements under the Building Regulations; Acoustics; M&E; Planning & Building Regulations; Potential presence of asbestos-type materials; H&S/safeguarding issues as works are in the middle of the school; Other consultants required for implementation of the works; Procurement routes; Suitability of materials; Initial sketch ideas; Preliminary budget costs.

Seaside Cottage

Location: East Suffolk

Type: Extension and internal alterations

Stage: Planning approval

The Cottage is a two storey end of terrace with long front and rear gardens and sits within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). 

The proposal is replace a non-original conservatory extension with a modest, fully insulated, flat roofed rear extension in brickwork to match existing that will allow more of the original property to be visible. The rear elevation of the new extension will have bifold doors opening onto the garden, with a slim side window for occasional ventilation. There will also be a fixed flat rooflight to bring light into both the extension and the kitchen.

Church Hall

Location: Fulham

Type: Renovation

Stage: Planning approval

The building sits in Conservation Area and also within a Scheduled Ancient Monument. It was constructed in the early 1920s and is utilitarian in style with large pan-tiled roofs set above buff and red brick walls. Doors are constructed in solid oak and windows are steel framed ‘Critall’ style.

External proposals are to: Improve the areas around the building and link to the Church; Provide an identifiable and protected entrance to the Church Hall; Connect the Hall and Function Rooms with the rear garden; Improve access to the upper floors including a lift for disabled access; convert the attic to create a further flat on the Second Floor.

Internal proposals are to: Increase the usable floorspace in the Hall by removing the stage area; Provide Function Rooms that can be used separately from the main Hall; Provide kitchen and toilet facilities for the Hall to be a public venue; Create further office space and meeting rooms on the First Floor; Reinstate the Minstrels Gallery overlooking the main hall.

Railway Dwelling

Location: Chelsea

Type: Change of use and redevelopment to residential

Stage: Planning approval

The proposal is for the redevelopment of an unoccupied, vacant MOT car repair and workshop building, that is adjacent to the District Line railway viaduct. 

The scheme provides a 2 Bedroom maisonette (Flat No.1) on the ground and first floors and a 2/3 Bedroom maisonette (Flat No.2) on the ground and basement floors.

The proposal is for a contemporary infill with a rendered front façade that reflects other properties in Grimston Road and the Conservation Area whilst moderating between the different treatments of adjacent buildings.

The entrances to the flats will be set back from the rendered façade either side of a frosted glass screen to the Kitchen/Dining area of Flat No.2. The entrances will be accessed via frosted glass walkways set above and either side of the front lightwell. At first floor level the façades of the building and the rear sloping roof will be clad in grey zinc panels. Glazing will be in slim profile powder coated aluminium frames – with sliding louvred timber panels on the front façade providing added security and privacy.

The existing workshop building will be part demolished with the walls on the south and east boundaries retained. The first floor will have a 45 degree rear roof slope, set above the existing west wall, so there will be no loss of outlook or any increased sense of enclosure to the neighbouring house and garden.

Artist's House

Location: Chiswick

Type: New house

Stage: Planning approval

An unusual site provides the opportunity to create a small, purpose designed house for an artist who has lived in the local area for fifty years. 

It will consist of an open-plan living / dining / kitchen space on the ground floor with a bedroom, study, and art studio located in the basement - served by a wheelchair accessible platform lift encircled by a feature curved staircase. The lift and stairs will be lit from above by a circular rooflight.

A walled courtyard and sunken terrace area will provide private aspect to the living areas and daylight to the bedroom and studio in the basement. There is a band of high level, south facing, windows under a curved roof to maximise natural light to the ground floor interior. It will have an insulated Sedum grass green roof and have a grey water recycling system. It is designed to be a Passive House.

Infill Courtyard House

Location: Hackney

Type: New house

Stage: Planning approval

The design is for a contemporary infill courtyard house in the long, narrow slot between two pastiche 20th century 'replica' Victorian buildings and high rear garden walls.

At ground level the house is set back from the pavement to provide a front garden. The entrance hall leads to a WC/utility room and study that can also be used as an accessible bedroom. The study opens onto a landscaped inner courtyard that accommodates non-approved windows in the flank wall of the adjoining building. Planting will screen the windows whilst still allowing for light and ventilation.

A glazed gallery along the side of the courtyard leads from the front part of the house to the rear living accommodation, comprising an open plan kitchen and adjacent dining area in a double height space opening onto an expansive rear garden. There is a mezzanine living area over the kitchen accessed via a spiral staircase. 

The bedrooms are within the front part of the house with a mix of double and single rooms, ensuite and family bathroom. On the top floor a studio/5th bedroom will be well set back from the main facade with a front roof terrace. 

London Street

Location: Reading City Centre

Type: Residential development 

Stage: Planning approval

The development will provide well designed, high quality, discreet town centre living, making sure each unit receives generous daylight, sunlight, amenity and privacy in a compact city centre site.

It will be formed by extending & converting an existing dentist clinic, together with replacing a rear annex building fronting onto a pedestrian passageway, Sims Court, and adjacent open car park area. Proposed mews style housing will face onto Sims Court and have front garden/terrace areas enclosed by brick walls to act as a buffer to the semi-public passageway. The facades of the mews style housing will be articulated with projecting bays, a recessed glazed stairwell, and a 'slot' leading to a courtyard designed to take account of existing windows in the back wall of London Court. 

The proposal has a mix of units, including 3 three-bedroom family sized units that have landscaped private gardens to the east end of the site.

Private House in Essex

Location: Essex

Type: Replacement house

Stage: Planning approval  

Designed to resemble a small group of farm buildings, this bespoke new family home sits elegantly among neighbouring converted barns. The main envelope takes the shape of two barn-style blocks linked by a glazed entrance hall and conservatory. The double height space to the rear contains modern dining and kitchen areas with a study, set above the dining room bay, taking full advantage of the views to the Stour Estuary. Between the blocks, and opposite the entrance hall, is a fully glazed conservatory with full width bi folding doors leading to a sheltered terrace area

St. John Street

Location: Islington - London

Type: Office roof extension

Stage: Planning approval  

The extension will provide additional floor space for the third floor office/studio units on mezzanines. Behind the sloping front roof, the extension will have a flat roof, set below the tile creasing of the existing chimneys. The rear facades of the extension will be clad semi-reflective metal panels to give a lightweight appearance and maximize light. As this project is located within a conservation area it has been carefully designed to not affect the light or outlook from surrounding properties. Crucially, it will be 'invisible' from the street.


Location: Islington - London

Type: Office rear extension 

Stage: On site

In the revised design the mezzanine floor and roof enclosure are set back from the boundary with Stable Court so as not to be visible. The revised design will not be visible and will have no impact on the Conservation Area.  

Britannia Road

Location: Fulham - London

Type: Residential refurbishment 

Stage: On site

Kingsland Road 

Location: Dalston - London

Type: Residential development 



This pre-application submission is essentially to establish the principle of change of use and redevelopment of the site. In order to ascertain the best strategy for this much underused Brownfield site we have explored two approaches, both largely residential in nature. One option is for a denser proposal - a mixed use scheme with more smaller units in the form of flats; the second option is less dense with larger, family sized units in the form of mews houses. It is hoped that the pre app response will establish the Council's preferred mix.

Park Street  

Location: Bristol

Type: Residential development 

Stage: Planning Approval  


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