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DSP Architecture was formed in 1993 in succession to the original practice founded in 1954 by Douglas Stephen, as an atelier of like minded architects with a shared interest in a rational approach to design  

The firm has acquired a diverse portfolio of completed buildings and projects - and a prevalent concern for context. At every scale in this work, the desire to create coherent spatial relationships with the surrounding fabric is a significant determinant in the design. Adaptation of existing buildings has played an important role in our work and we take pride and care in sensitive interventions and conservation of protected buildings.

Simon Colebrook 

BA (Hons) Dip Arch - Director

Geraldine Walder

BA (Hons) Dip Arch RIBA - Director

Barnaby Milburn 

MA RIBA - Director

t e s t i m o n i a l s 

“I have no hesitation in recommending them [DSP] highly for their originality, ability to build well within budgets and their ability to communicate with all the relevant parties to make life easier for the client”. 

“A close working relationship is possible with the DSP team: they listen to the client’s demands and translate that into an interesting solution”. 

”When a further opportunity arose for another major capital project…the school did not hesitate to turn to DSP again”. 

“It is without doubt a DSP building. Light floods through every space. The design is compact and neat”. 

“What particularly impressed about the DSP team was their ability to listen and adjust plans to satisfy a wide range of interested parties [and] were patient with the varying demands and particularly skillful in satisfying complicated and often conflicting requirements”.

“Another skill of the DSP team is the ability to manage within restricted budgets without resorting to ‘cheap and nasty’ solutions”.

“DSP were very good at communicating their design solution through a variety of stakeholder presentations and consultations”. 

“The school had a clear vision for this building which needed to be a very innovative in design and to support our strong reputation for the use of New Technology. We also wanted an eco-friendly building which was energy efficient”.

“…we were very pleased with the relationship and the service that the DSP team provided”. 

"Just wanted to write to say that we've had so many 'wow' comments from viewers and estate agents of our house. We really created a special space with all your great ideas! " 


17e Clerkenwell Road, 



Simon Colebrook Mobile: 07790 007672

Geraldine Walder Mobile: 07790 007701



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